How Things Works

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How Things Works

Post  ChidoriLT on Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:43 am

1.You register and download NTSD which download link you can find in NTSD section in Academy
2.You start playing and collecting points in battle and tournaments
1on1 battle
At academy you get points for doing homework and in exams you can get up to 100XP
Road of Ninja
(Rank-pts required )
1.Academy Student-Gain after writing 1 post in introductions
2.Genin-1000XP and an Exam Held every 3 months if enough ppl
3.Chunin-3000XP + Exam held every half year if enough ppl
5.Jounin-Be Sp.Jounin + Get A 3 Man team of Genin
6.A.N.B.U.-10000XP + Recommendations of 1 Kage
6.Kage-To become a Kage you must defeat one in his conditions (as much battle as he demands,his arena pick,his rules)
Points of battle will only be added if both of fighters PM me so better film it with Hyper Cam or smt cuz they might cheat

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