NTSD Lessons by ChidoriLT

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NTSD Lessons by ChidoriLT

Post  ChidoriLT on Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:53 am

NTSD-Naruto The Setting Dawn.Most of you guys don't even know what that is.That is a modification of Little Fighter 2 made by a very loyal and very cool team of very dedicated people.The fact i love about this game is IT IS VERY NINJA WORLD-LIKE.It tests your reflexes and stuff inputting the button combos really looks like doing handseals and is as difficult.Of course it may not be a wonder in graphics but it is a wonder in its gameplay.If you see two pros playing,you would see.
NTSD May be downloaded in
sendspace.com 22q03a
After you download it configure the control and start playing.Believe it you wont regret it. Very Happy
Also here i will teach you basics of NTSD,so if you want to learn that,just let me know,ill start the lectures,when at least 3 people will be registered here. lol!


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